The advantage of using K1 Security is the exceptionally high level of service you will receive. K1 Security has built its strong reputation on the quality we consistently deliver. Working closely with our clients we can ensure to fully understand their businesses and their security needs. We tailor our security provisions to fulfil your exact requirements. This concept extends beyond initial arrangements as we will adjust and develop our service to match your needs as your business grows. We have strict auditing tools in place to monitor our performance allowing you to report back to us what we are doing well and what aspect you would like us to improve upon.

Martin Barrington

Martin has had a long standing career in the security industry spanning over 25 years. He has worked at many well known licensed venues both on the front line and in a managerial capacity.

Stephen Pape

Stephen is an ex professional rugby player and coach, he has many years experience in the night time economy industry both in Somerset and in London where he looked after many high profile clients including members of the Royal Family.


All recruitment procedures specifically do not identify race, religion, disability because we feel that this would in itself be an inappropriate action.


Where specific jobs require a unique set of physical skills – such as a door man  - then we will describe the job requirements and the job environment.

 It is important that security operatives appear professional at all times. Clients and members of the public expect security staff to act in a certain way. Security operatives should be: professional, honest, reliable, fair, courteous, dedicated, alert, helpful, approachable, tactful, self-disciplined, cooperative, patient, loyal, positive, effective communicators. To find out more about working for K1 Security, contact us using our enquiry/contact form.