Here is a list of just a few of our clients.

Pitcher & Piano - Taunton
Somerset County
cricket ground
Queens head - Minehead
Tribute Rock Festival
Retro bar -
Flood Lit Rugby 7's London
Hairy Dog - Minehead
Kier construction and infrastructure 


Cricket World Cup 2019 - Taunton


of Defence

Ministry of
Defence premises

"Utterly reliable and a critical part of the team. Always ready to step up and don't wait to be asked. 
Safe, Reliable, excellent value and core to the business success.
Can't recommend enough!"

Paul Johns, Bar Owner

"K1 Security took the time ahead of the event to understand what we wanted, how the evening was intended to work and what role we wanted them to play.


They then proceeded to play that role perfectly.


In terms of the property, security and managing people that came and went they were very present and visible ensuring that only the invited teenagers entered the property but they were also incredibly friendly, relaxed and welcoming ensuring that all invitees entered in the right spirit.


Inside the event they were very discreet just making sure that all was well and if needed gently helping where it might have been needed.


In short, they were a huge asset and a significant part of a very successful evening."

Jim Turley

Following a VERY distressing & highly complex event which occured on our premises, it was suggested to us we get in touch with K1 and hire them to keep our property secure and us, 3 proprietors safe for the duration/until the problem

had been solved.

At first we hired 2 guards and within 30 minutes, following an assessment by the initial 2, we then had 9 guards arrive at our premises and within a matter of minutes!...
We only booked for one night as we believed there would be a resolve within this time.. Unfortunately, not the case! K1 refused to leave us vulnerable & unprotected and stayed on a further 12hours! Had they not have taken the exec decision, the next day would have turned out very differently! Stephen and Martin then provided us (again, at very short notice) with an extra 3 guards for the night as per our request.

From start to finish these guys were efficient, thorough, reassuring, well mannered, compassionate and to be honest our saviours. (Bearing in mind the police were aware of our problem, yet we were still left vulnerable had it not been for K1).
Price point was also fantastic - we were pleasantly surprised on arrival of invoice!

We would absolutely recommend K1 security and actually the question is... Why wouldn't you hire them!!

Incredible team! Thank you for everything you have done for us!